Courtyard entrance at the Museum of Modern Art PS1 in Queens, NYC


“I will get that door for you,” I enunciated exaggeratedly through my duck-shaped N95 mask I nicknamed “Bill.” The pair had moseyed comfortably up the steps of the MoMA PS1 in Queens. and I behind them. I pulled open the door and we stepped into the museum. Spying my “University of Ottawa” sweatshirt, they remarked, “Oh, no wonder you are so polite. Are you Canadian?”

“I’m American, but I went there for my MBA and am currently an adjunct in the school of Management.”

“Oh, in what area?” asked Pamela.

“Digital Innovation and Transformation.”

“We’re from the New School. Can we steal you?”

I love lecturing and working with students anywhere. We exchanged contact information and wished each other a great time at the museum.

Pamela’s companion smilingly offered a parting remark: “Talk about opening doors!”