I went to Central Park and climbed over a small fence to get off the beaten path. With one leg, I stepped over. Then while I dragged the other leg over the top, I carelessly did not lift quite as much as needed. A metal protrusion from the fencing gouged a wound deep into my leg near the knee.

It didn’t bleed much, but it was pretty deep. I went to the nearest clinic. They cleaned out the wound, then they gave me a choice to close the wound for it to heal: Stitches, Stapes, or Glue.

Of course, I wanted to tell people that the doctor had glued me back together.

They gave me a temporary leg splint to keep my knee from bending to let the glue harden and for the wound to heal.

I found out that the best way to clear out a crowd in front of you on a New York City sidewalk is to wear a splint and walk with a limp.

The wound healed and a scar remains. No problem!