I went to first grade in Arizona. During recess I would wander out in the desert terrain of the playground behind the school while the other kids played closer to the school. There was a circular blotch of cement about a yard in diameter which I imagine spilled out of a cement truck and solidified in the playground desert-scape. I used to go to that circular cement patch and use it as my island. There was a rock nearby, a small boulder embedded in the earth, that had a crack through it. I remember I used to stand on this rock to gain height to look around.

Many years later, 25 years later to be exact, I returned to the same elementary school to try to look for the circular patch of cement I spent so many recesses playing around and imagining as my island. For my adult revisit, I arrived in the early evening and walked around in the dimming light trying to find the circular cement patch. There had been new construction and other changes so I wondered if it even still existed. To get a better view, a vantage point where I could more easily scout out and find this circular cement patch, I found a rock that I could stand on to give me height. I looked around searching for the cement patch. Then I looked down at the rock I was standing on. There was a crack through that rock. It was the same perch I had used for the same purpose as a child.